Day 44 - Nude Peaceful Zipolite

Chilling in the small coastal town of Zipolite at Casa Cabana

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Christi and I did some follow up research the day before Zipolite to realize that we were only 3 miles from the town. With only backpacks and no taxis to be found we set off early in the morning with lots of water and Benny Bennasi jamming from our solar speaker out of our backpacks. We took the time on the walk to see more of the beautiful coast and talk about what we expect on our decision to move to Puerto Escondido. It became a long walk with the heat and walking what seemed like straight uphill at times. We came to a peak in the mountains where we finally had a full view of the town and became excited to finally see this beach town. Most things you see and read online about this town are all about Europeans visiting and the long stretch of beach for nudists. We entered town and randomly asked people if they know where Cabaña at Casa Acalli-Cafe Maya is located. After getting a supply of water and a cold beer at the mini-mart we were pointed in the right direction to Casa Cabana which was located almost right on the high tide line.

We were promptly greeted on the beach by an American lady who had owned the cabanas for over ten years. We were happy to be put up in a 2 story cabana which felt like a tree fort with windows overlooking both directions of the beach. The owner loved to talk about stories of the culture their, storms of the century, even personal family situations. Almost seemed like we had to interrupt her to just talk or leave the situation at times, nonetheless she was very nice. The day for very relaxing playing games and chilling on recliners watching the surf roll in. We only had the afternoon and the night because we had to catch the early bus out to Hualtuco in the morning. The day became late in the evening when people came out to surf and enjoy the last part of the day. We took a walk down the beach people watching and getting a feel of the beach scene. Their was a mellow sense of lifestyle in Zipolite just like we imagined. People were lying around naked on their bellies and backs, frisbees being tossed around, people selling arts and crafts for the hair and tattoos. It was unique and satisfying to see so much diverse but yet relaxed culture. We watched the surfers and boogey-boarders surf off the north end of the beach till the sunset crept down.

We decided to head back through the small downtown strip to look for another amazing taco stand or tacqueria and check the scene. We continued to see expats from all over the world on every street corner doing their own artistic work and/or trying to sell something of their creation. Their was also dogs wandering the street that had nowhere to go and nothing to do. We ended up at taco restaurant that had amazing smells coming out and looked somewhat busy. We ordered up 6 tacos and didn't realize that they had a 2 for 1 on Thursdays. The chef brought out two hugs plates with 12 tacos, we just started laughing and said "what the hell, lets eat!" 10 Minutes later the tacos were finished by us and dogs drooling all around us occasionally getting sprayed by a squirt gun from the owners. We dragged our bodies home to relax for the rest of the night and take in all the fun and excitement when had for one day...Not too mention get ready Hualtuco!