Our Story

Hola! This is Christi and Nick's blog; the official Test Rat Expats!

So why do we call ourselves Test Rats? Well, we believe that we are an "abnormal" case study in the minds of our family, friends, and maybe generation. Who Knows? We recently got married back in October of 2015, so I guess we are considered newlyweds in today's classification. We are both in our 30's, and have never had any children, nor owned any property. Where we come from (the central coast of California), the norm is to get married, buy a house near family, and raise babies with everyone. However, this model of life is so typical and mundane to us; we have always wanted to think outside the standard "American Dream" box.

What if there's more out there in the world? Something that allows us to grow in a spiritual way, and introduces us to an alternate way of living. One that's simple, relaxing, culturally eye-opening, and far removed from today's bullshit. Our family and friends think we're crazy, and maybe we are. Yet, at home we felt this cloudiness of our mind start to take hold; always disassociated from ourselves, and what really matters. We see the way society has evolved, and it's kind of scary: so many electronics, fads, disorders, and so much disconnect.

So, we came up with a plan to leave that all behind, travel through Latin America, to try and find a place that fits us more spiritually. This idea is great for us finacially, as we are both web/graphic designers; it's semi-easy to work remotely, and pretty much live anywhere. We have no idea where we will end up, but that's kind of exciting in many ways. We hope that our travels will provide some kind of light on what it's like to be "abnormal", and try something new. Especially those who are newly married, and starting a new life together. We plan to be as raw with you as possible; leaving nothing out. This may help you decide what works, and what doesn't. If our venture doesn't unfold correctly, and we come back home, then maybe it wasn't meant to be. However, if we succeed, and live the life we truly want, then maybe someone reading this might find some spark to do the same thing!

Life is an adventure! So follow us on ours and get inspired!