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The trek to Chile

1 1/2 days across the world

We sat in our motel room in San Fran, the night before our journey, tired and dreary. We had said so many goodbyes and shed so many tears, we were a bit numb. Nothing was hitting us, not even the fact that we were on a plane to Chile the next day. But we hit the sack early, because we knew that it was going to be a very long day; our flight left at 7:30am, so we needed to be at the airport  the around 5am.

We had 2 gigantic suitcases, 2 large bags, a baby backpack, and a diaper bag; try making your way to the airport with all of that stuff in the tiny airport shuttle…such a pain. Pretty much everything was going to be a milestone for us that day: checking in through Air Canada with no return ticket, not getting charged a ton for oversized luggage, and having the correct restraints for our kid on the plane. But we passed the marks with flying colors, and made it on the plane without a hitch.

After a 5 hour flight to Toronto, which Gavin did amazingly well on, we had the worst customs experience ever. It was absolutely terrible there! Long lines, people everywhere, confusion…not to mention carrying around a toddler who was ready to loose it. However, we survived, and waited for our red eye 8pm flight to Chile. By the end of our layover, Nick and I started doing shots; we were totally miserable already, and we still had another 9hrs to go!

The flight was relatively ok: Gavin slept after giving him Benadryl (I’m not supposed to say this, but it’s the best traveling tool ever), and I think we got some sleep too.  Now it was time for the next round of milestones…getting through Chiles’ customs, making sure our stuff arrived, making sure our brand new Imac survived, hopefully being able to communicate to our driver, and finally getting to our Airbnb. Luckily we made it through those as well. By the time we arrived at our 27 story apartment in Santiago, we were ready to crash. All in all, we had made it through without too much conflict…our first victory!!

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