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Super Late Nightlife

In Puerto, the party begins at twelve...or later.

The nightlife in Puerto is rather mellow, compared to other places, but it’s still a lot of fun. There’s pretty much something to do every day of the week, and there’s a number of places to go to. Each restaurant has its own night scene, which may or may not have dancing or pool.

Nick and I have never had much success in enjoying Puerto’s nightlife to the fullest, as we have either bailed out early, gotten way too drunk, or have just avoided it entirely by passing out at home. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I think it’s because everything starts extremely late at night. I’d like to think I’m young still, but the people here have me thinking twice. I don’t know how they do it! Everyone starts going out around 12 am, and continues the party until 5 am; sort of like Vegas, but without the oxygen pumping through the casinos. It’s not easy to handle, especially when it’s insanely hot; our local friend Angie, has definitely given us some shit for our lack of endurance.

Our favorite place to go to pre-game, is an Italian restaurant called Bananas. The guys that work there are awesome, and their cheapest tequila shots are served in large goblets; it takes almost three chugs to finish. It also has a pool table, where Nick kicks my ass in every game, and large TV’s for sports. Despite sweating our asses off in the stuffy bar, we love to hang there. The food is also amazing, with large pizzas, pastas, and bread dips.

The next stop for the night is usually Kabbalah, which is a great place to dance, but nothing else. Nick and I like to jump around on the dance floor to the blaring house music, and flashing lights. The outside is pretty cool too, as there are beds on the sand, and mood lights for couples to make out by. We usually don’t last long there, because after dancing in the middle of a 100 people, we start sweating profusely. Plus, our buzz is usually pretty strong at this point, and we are ready for the next best place.

The last stop for the night is always the Black Fly, which is another dance bar. This one is a bit more mellow, but it has it’s moments; as soon as 2 am hits, people start showing up, and weirdness comes a flowing. For the most part, everyone appears to be locals, but there is a mix of young expat girls scattered about too. As you scan the room, you’ll most likely see young blonde chicas hanging on a local surfer’s arm; it’s quite amusing. The DJ usually plays some trippy deep house shit, as everyone dances around like zombies. It can be a fun place to hang, but the drinks are expensive, and we are usually pretty drunk by the middle of it.

The people that we have come across in our escapades downtown, have been so much fun; they are all super nice, and will always have some advice for you. We’ve been very lucky to have found our friend Angie, as she has introduced us to everyone in town it seems. The more we make our presence in Zicatella, the more people start feeling familiar with us. During the day, most of the population seem to be in hiding, but when the lights go down, they all come out and have a great time!

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