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A long week in Santiago

Here we are...now what?

The first day that we arrived in Santiago was the longest. Actually, each following day that we were there seemed to get longer and longer; days seemed like weeks, and all of us were falling apart, pretty much at the start.

We had booked a pretty decent little apartment for about a month in Santiago’s Metropolitan District, but the problems kept mounting. We had no AC in 98 degree weather, Gavin and Nick were sick, I had an insane amount of work back home that needed attention right away, we had no place to take Gavin to escape the heat, we were surrounded by thick smog and high rise buildings, plus EVERYTHING was expensive.  It felt like a little slice of hell.

Even though our place was booked and paid for, we didn’t even think twice about wanting to get out. No amount of money was worth our sanity. So, we looked to the south in the areas surrounding a city called Concepcion, and booked our next few spots. It couldn’t get any worse, and at least we’d be out of the heat!

However bad we felt, we tried to make the best of it and explored what we could in Santiago. We got Gavin a fun little stroller, cruised the downtown area (which was way nicer than where we were staying), went on a beautiful hike at the Santa Lucia hilltop, got some interesting sushi, and managed to get walks in as a family. We even found a little playground for Gavin to keep him busy in the afternoon, where he made some new friends. Those little moments picked our spirits up, and gave us hope to move forward.

But man, once we knew that our time was coming to an end, in the one week that we spent there…we couldn’t get out fast enough!

Micheal Jackson sighting in Santiago

Our location in Santiago

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