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Here we go again!

Preparing to Leave - Destination Chile

I’m going to do a quick catch up for those of you who are wondering what’s happened to us over the past few years. Last time I wrote, we had moved back to California, and things weren’t going all that well. But…as fait would have it, we gained some amazing gifts during our time back home: we had a baby named Gavin, we saved money, we had some great job experiences, and we became closer with our family.

Now this being our second time back home, you would’ve thought that’d be it; no more traveling. Besides, we had a kid…and what crazy people travel the world with such a young one in their life?

However, nothing seemed quite right during our time back home, and we were actually quite miserable being back in the rat race again. Our marriage was falling apart at times, and so were we. Things weren’t looking good for our new family, so we decided that we needed to break away.

This time our destination was Chile. So why Chile, you might ask. Why chose a place on the other side of the planet?? Well, after tons of research and comparing places online, we thought that Chile was the new land of new opportunity. It had safety, solitude, beauty, great food, and nice people; how could you go wrong? Also, in a larger sense, we needed to experience something bigger than us; we needed to see what other parts of the world had to offer, because what we had wasn’t working.

Also, leaving this time was going to be way harder than before. Ripping one of the only grand kids away was not going to be easy at all; I had major anxiety about what we were about to put Gavin through, let alone the entire family. I mean, we were heading to a country that we’ve never even seen, nor had we known anybody who had ever visited there. As a new mom, this was completely terrifying! Yet, somehow I trusted in Nick’s and my ability to be smart, and  to know what to do. We’d already been through a lot together, this couldn’t be any worse…could it?

So, for the last few months in California, our entire family got turned upside-down: we sold our entire lives (including our cars), cried with family, went to counseling, I had 2 teeth pulled – plus sinus surgery, we moved out of our home, lived out of suitcases, and said goodbye a crazy amount of times. By the end of it, we were all TOTALLY exhausted. We were leaving everything we knew, and I had no idea how we were going to make it to the other side of the world…this was going to be extremely tough.

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