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Old Shamans and Mist in San José del Pacífico

A small magical town, halfway between the city of Oaxaca and the Pacific Ocean.

The idea of our whole trip was started by conversing with our landlord one morning about the mystical thrills of San José del Pacífico, and the extravagant views that stretch from on one side of Oaxaca to the Pacific Ocean. Within a week of our talk, our landlord Luis said that he had business in Oaxaca city the next day, and was traveling through the mountains, passing right through the town. He kindly offered us a free ride, so we packed that night, anxiously waiting to hear and see more of the small mystical town.

Just a quick back story- San José del Pacífico has a historic approach to aid healing / enlightening their people, by providing natural wild “magical” mushrooms that grow throughout the vertical landscapes. Their 150 year history consists of using these medicines in purifying ceremonies called “Velada”, which is why the state of Oaxaca acknowledges / allows this ancient practice to exist. The grow process for the mushrooms is only possible, because of the transformation of the weather; from the coast to the mountain range, it’s amazingly significant. At an altitude of over 8,500 feet, the town also has amazing weather patterns, which ad to it’s mystic. The extremely hot and humid conditions of the coast, change to cold and wet temperatures in the mountains; this gives the area thick fog, powerful storms, and wild spontaneous lightning & thunder.

The morning came quick, and after about three and half hours of going almost straight up hill, we were dropped off on the main road in the town, and were ready for excitement. We started in a little cafe with no internet, minimal Spanish, and reservations at a cabin with no directions provided. We slowly spoke to more of the locals with broken Spanish, and were told the cabinas that we were looking for were on the opposite side of town, which wasn’t a very far walk at all.

We soon found our way through the the town, which was covered with magical art, mushroom souvenirs, and thick fog. There was also a group, of what seemed like stray dogs, that followed us along the way. It was hard to shake them, but they somehow made the trek seem a lot less lonely.

Eventually we made it to our quaint little log cabin, which rested on hilltop with an amazing scenic view of the town’s mountain range. The cabin came with plenty of wood for the fireplace, a nice patio to relax and be tranquil, and nobody around except the organic sounds of nature. The dogs, who we had tried to get rid of for fear of being kicked out of the hotel, had found there way to our cabin once we were settled in; we welcomed them with food, a bed, some warm fire, and love. After a while, we became extremely attached to our new friends, and claimed them as our family for the night.

The experience of being there was powerful: breathing in the fresh cool air, looking out into the mountains that scaled down to the coast, being one with our animal friends, and listening to the sounds of the weather that echoed through the canyon. At times it was almost unbearable, because the history seemed to be so deeply rooted, that we felt almost out of place. It was quit a transformational trip for the wifey and I, to say the least. I wish I could go over absolutely EVERYTHING on this trip, but…I would have to turn it into a book or series 😉

I recommend this amazing opportunity for anyone to visit San José del Pacífico. If you are anywhere around the state of Oaxaca, the transportation would be very easy and inexpensive to get to the top of the clouds. Whether your looking for a deep ceremonial experience or just looking to have a fun weekend in nature, everyone will come out of San José del Pacífico with a deep respect and understanding for yourself and nature…

Buena Suerte Mi Amigos! Adios

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