Downtown Cancun- Spring Break Style

Downtown Cancun- Spring Break Style

Fear and Loathing Downtown Cancun, on St. Patty's Day

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our downtown adventures were initially started after a great day of beach volleyball, snorkeling, and soaking up some solar rays on the beach. The wifey and I took a couple preliminary shots of tequila, and were bound for downtown; leaving before sunset on another bus. We cautiously walked off the bus, trying not to be bombarded by "all you can drink" nightclub hustlers. We looked at some random restaurants throughout a nearby mall, for a nice relaxing place to eat before we hit the nightlife hard. Some of the places were very expensive, as the hotel zone in Cancun was not cheap.

Eventually, we found something with a balcony overlooking the beach and a beautiful sunset; it was called Ocean View Blue Bar. The food was great, we ordered a marlin taco, chicken fajitas, rice and beans, and homemade tortillas. We split most of it up, as it was still a bit pricey. While walking up to pay for our meal (because in Mexico, they never bring your check to the table), we ended up conversing with the managers and bartenders for about 10 minutes. They loved our company, and decided to pour us shots of their finest tequila. It was called "Mezcal" from Oaxaca, Mexico; this tequila was the real deal, with the worm at the bottom, and the smell of agave. We both went bottoms up, and noticed a strong nasty after-taste that was far different from regular tequila.

One of the bartenders, was American named "Josh" from Los Angeles. We couldn't tell what his job title was at first, because he was standing around doing nothing, and was hazing the other bartender "Lucas", for being Puerto Rican. After talking with him further, we found out that he had decided to move to Cancun two weeks prior, because of a random job offer from that manager at the restaurant. He worked not only at that restaurant, but at two bars downtown, and a high class strip club. His shift at the restaurant was soon over, so we followed him to his next shift; the nightclub/strip club.

The night was still young, and the club called Kiss Nightclub was yet to be open, so Josh got us a seats at a lounge across the way called Royal Pizza Sushi Hookah. The place was pretty awesome; serving drinks, pizza and hookahs. Josh told us we were in good hands, and said we had some wedding presents for us there, until the club was open. He then took off to start his next shift, as the manager came out with a fresh hookah, and many shots of tequila. We were surprised, yet shocked we had this treatment. After questioning his motives, we soon gave-in, and proceeded enjoy ourselves on a comfortable couch while watching the herds of people walk by.

The night started filling up with people, and the club finally opened; Josh was walking around like he owned this place. The club opened up to the street, with a gogo girl dancing on a platform out front. The music was loud, and played everything from kid rock to modern club beats. After paying our very small bill at the lounge, we finally met up with Josh, Lucas, and the manager of the club. Once again, we were bombarded by a number of free shots/drinks from all of them. At this point, it didn't even seem like any of them were even working; they were just hanging out, and having fun. By this point, we were ready to dance, so we decided jump on the gogo tower, and dance with the girls ;) As soon, as we were overloaded by drinks, we were done with the club, and soon became curious about the hidden strip club inside.

Josh pulled us up the stairs avoiding the cover charge, yet again. As we went up the stairs, the sound changed to deep bass music, and the workers were now wearing tuxedos. Everyone was trying to seat you, spend money, and buy very expensive drinks. We eventually were sat in the front, overlooking the stage, seats, and bar. Most of the ladies were on each corner of the club, with long extended heels, and were walking around with half fake smiles. We loved people watching every bit of the night, from the women half dancing on poles, to the young kids looking for more action than eye candy. It was a crazy place, and we had a great time.

After Christi and I were done seeing as much boobs/ass as we could handle, we strolled to the downtown scene after midnight. Every club was filled shoulder to shoulder, with crazy stupid college kids packed in like rats, while the policia was waiting outside. It was getting late, and we had our fun already, so we called it quits; stepping right back on the same bus that brought us there.