Day1 - Leaving for Puerto Vallarta

Day1 - Leaving for Puerto Vallarta

Direct flight out of LAX to Puerto Vallarta

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

We woke up early on a Tuesday morning for a 10 am flight. We had been staying at my dad's house in HB, so he could take us to the the LAX Airport; totally an amazing gift for him do that. My dad was excited, and so were we; Nick and I were about to depart on a trip that would potentially change us forever.

The ride to the airport was a little stressful. Word to the wise: handle your money ahead of time, not on the day of your departure. We had been denied taking out money from a Chase ATM on the way there, god knows why. So, I spent 20 minutes on the phone with their customer service people to find out what the deal was; always fun. Plus we had to find another Chase ATM somewhere by the airport, and if you've been to LAX before, you know how much that sucks! My poor dad was very patient through all of this, and drove us where we needed to go. Finally, after the second ATM visit, the money was in hand and we were ready.

We said our last goodbyes at the Alaskan Airlines drop off, and we went inside. Check-in was a breeze, and so was security. We were pretty early so we enjoyed some tacos, and went over our itinerary.

Side note- A crucial step to take if you are planning to stay at multiple hotels, and go on multiple flights; it's great to print all of your confirmations and addresses out, so you can have them on hand. We had booked over 8 hotels/ hostels, and 5 connecting flights; things can get confusing if it's not right in front of you, on paper. Plus, you don't always have wifi, so if your giving a taxi driver directions, he can just look at your printed address.

The plane ride over was pretty fun, as we decided to do some celebratory drinking, and sat next to cool guy from Oregon. I think his name was Jeff; he was traveling with his family, and owned a Chevron gas station. Very intense guy about money, but it was fun to exchange ideas.

Arriving in Puerto Vallarta was a little crazy. We were warned by Jeff that three planes were landing at the same time, all of them needing to go through customs. So Nick and I booked it out of there and tried to beat the heard. Customs was easy, but we were also warned not to loose this little slip that Mexico gives you (it costs $50). Don't know why you needed it, but was tucked safely in our wallets. As we left the Airport we were swarmed by people with signs, and taxi drivers. Word of advise: do not take the airport taxis, as they are way expensive! It cost us $35 to got 10 minutes, a normal taxi's like $5.

Our hotel, Hacienda Vallarta, was located on a very busy street, but it was decent enough to stay in for 5 nights. It had a nice pool, and some very friendly staff. Finally we were able to spread our digs out, and relax a bit. It was an amazing spot to rekindle the sex life that we had been missing for two weeks; so nice! At this point, we were definitely on a high from traveling, and we never felt more alive.

We ventured towards the downtown, by foot, and roamed the beaches for for most of the way there. They were extremely beautiful, but very crowded and busy. Once there, we stopped and had drinks at a place called The Zoo Nightclub. I had been wanting to come to this spot, as I had visited it when I was 21. It looked extremely different from that last time I was there, but maybe that's because I was wasted the entire trip. Sorry again about that mom!

Finally we found a restaurant, right on the sand, that was absolutely amazing. The setting, the view, the music, the food....we were in heaven. I looked at Nick out there on the beach, and I was so freaking giddy. I couldn't have asked for a better moment/guy to be with. At this point, I knew we had made the right decision, as this place embodied what life was about.