Day 8 and 9 - Exploring Sayulitas

Day 8 and 9 - Exploring Sayulitas

2 Days of traveling the small surf town of Sayulitas.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The rainy morning started by Christi and I walking with ponchos out of our mini hostel in San Pancho to the bus stop. We were soon startled by a cute little Mexican couple in an old Chevy pickup giving us the thumbs up for Sayulita. We quickly jumped in and we were off to the small surf town.

Upon entering Sayulita, the storm quickly became worse going from rain to all out downpour and small rivers soon flooding the streets. We gave the couple each a beer and jumped out of the truck to find some breakfast in disarray. Looking to the adjacent corner was a cool looking cafe that was bound to have at least coffee. We ended up downtown Sayulita, two blocks from the beach, in the middle of a storm in 5 minutes for 2 beers.The food was great and decent price, each plate of breakfast was around $5 with coffee and a plate of fruit.

Walking through Sayulita, we literally saw thousands of tiny shops selling the exact same thing; clothing, hats, all kinds of jewelry, and an assortment of useless souvenirs. The town also included hundreds of restaurants and cafes on almost every street corner and random surf shops here and there. The people within town were very unique with their own style of clothing, tattoos, piercings, attitudes, and everything in the middle. It was a very mixed crowd with local and expats, and the occasional family looking to find a good buy from anyone.

Finally getting to the beach, where we wanted to check out all along. There were half dozen beach bar restaurants lined up with tables and recliners stretched out all the way to the water. These restaurants were surrounded by surfboard rentals which includes hundreds of Wave-storms (foam tops) and SUP's (stand up paddle). The surfboard averages around $5-10 per hour or $25 per day.

After the rain blew over, we strolled down the beach looking at the waves on a low tide. The beach had a nice setup with a sandy beginner break on the south end. The middle of the beach had the beginning of a long extended reef which extended out to the north end. The reef was very soft and slow with many sections depending on the tide and direction. The surf was windy and small with few surfers in the lineup.

Continuing our adventure down the beach, we ran into some amazing beach houses surrounding the town. Each house had their own style, color, and landscape. Each of them being more beautiful then the next. We turned around at a natural rocky point heading back to town looking for a drink.

We stopped at a nice beach bar for margaritas, and a couple games of rummy against each other. We ended the afternoon with a shot of fine Cien Anos tequila, and a toast to a great day even though we never surfed. We decided to get a taxi instead of wait for the bus because of the schedule and the on and off showers. The taxi was about 5 minutes for about $5 and we were back to our hostel in San Pancho.

That night an even bigger storm hit taking power out to all of San Pancho. We left swiftly in the morning with good swell reports and sunny skies ready to finally get some surfing in. We went straight to the beach off the bus and still found stormy surf leaving us with just tanning on the beach with a couple of cold beers (tough morning). We eventually found ourselves in another storm after a couple hours running rapidly to a taco bar on the outskirts of town. We ended up playing cards, eating tacos costing less than a dollar each, and a salsa bar with an assortment of veggies and salsas. We left the town that afternoon still filled with smiles even though we did not surf in the Surf Town of Sayulita.