Day 45 - Burned Out in Huatulco

Day 45 - Burned Out in Huatulco

Our last place to visit before settling down.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

After our night in the palapa at Zipolite, Nick and I got up early to head down to Hualtuco, which was the last stop on our 3 day journey in southern Oaxaca. We set off on foot towards the next little town over called Puerto Angel; we needed to make it back to he main highway, and it was the only place that had transportation. Puerto Angel was a small little fishing village, and had little to no tourists, but it was easy to navigate through, as there was only one main street.

After hitching a ride on another collectivo, we were dropped off on the main highway again with nothing around us. We sat nervously at a make-shift barricade looking structure, hoping to find a bus to Hualtuco. Eventually, one came by after waiting a good 20 minutes, and we were crammed in the back like sardines. I couldn't handle it; I started to get a little claustrophobic, but luckily it was only an hour drive!

I had been to Hualtuco when I was a kid, but had no memory of what the town was like; this made it hard to know where the hell we were going. All I knew, is that it had probably changed as much as Playa Del Carmen had; 20 years away from a place can really do wonders.

When we arrived to a town called La Crucecita, we were dropped off on a random corner, and were hoping it was our destination. Nick and I were starving, so we decided to eat at a little taco joint close by. The guy that ran the place was awesome, and told us where to go. While we ate, we admired his baby parquet that sat perched on a basket, in the back of the restaurant. After slamming down our food, and taking some pictures with the tiny bird, we were off.

We walked for what seemed liked forever in the hot sun, bitching at each-other along the way about where to go. After getting lost a few times, we eventually found our hotel. It was the nicest thing we'd stayed in since Cancun, so we were totally stoked to have a pool and a bar again! However, Nick and I had traveled and walked so much, we didn't want to do jack shit. We didn't even care about seeing much of Hualtuco either, so we used the time to relax, and acted like honeymooners again. We lounged at the pool side, drank cocktails, swam around til we were prunes, and even found a shitty pool table to play on. It was so nice to just "be", I felt like we were kids again!

When we did manage to walk around to check out the scene, we made it quick; our bodies were burned, and we had little to no energy. The entire town was catered to tourists, as the streets and beaches were very clean. Everything in the coastal area was new looking and had little to no personality. We were only in a small portion of the city though, so we didn't get to see much of anything. Like Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, the hotels ran the beaches, so it was hard to see all of them. We weren't that impressed with what we had seen thus far, so we were over exploring. At this point, we were out of cash as well and needed to have enough money to get back. So we resigned to only handing back at our hotel for the night, using only our debit card.

Hualtuco was nothing but a resting place to us, and we barley got to see any of it; we didn't care though. It was time to head back to Puerto, and start living a life less traveled for a bit. We were so burned out, that we just wanted to be in a place that we could call home.