Day 4 - Work, Relaxation, and Clubbing

Day 4 - Work, Relaxation, and Clubbing

Gotta get some work done, before you have fun!

Friday, March 4, 2016

After the previous couple of days, it was time for us to just chill at the hotel, and do some work. Nick worked on the computer for most of the day, while I hung by the pool. I felt very guilty about this, but Nick loved it. He said he liked to see his wife in a bikini, while he did his thing. I wondered how long he would have this opinion for...haha.

That night, it was time to venture out and see the nightlife; we got ready for the first time, took some vodka shots, and took off for the bus stop. The bus we took was hilarious. It was the most rickety thing I've ever been on, and had some crazy blue lights illuminating the inside; we could not stop laughing.

It let us out at a random spot; a park that we did not recognize. We heard music playing, and Nick was drawn to it like a moth to a light. At first, I kind of protested because I had some platforms on that were only meant to walked in minimally. That was quickly squashed, and we enjoyed this great little band, filled with amazing high school kid singers. They sang Queen, and some other crazy rock songs. It was great!

We got over the band after a while, and began to head towards the clubs, or so we thought. We were both buzzed, and no idea where the hell we were. I was bitching at Nick about where we were going, and our first little fight began. A tip to all of the ladies out there: do not wear heals on cobble stone streets, when you know you have to walk a lot. This issue became the subject of our tiff. Nick was pissed that I didn't think my outfit through, and I was upset over walking in circles. This went on for what felt like 20 minutes, until we found our way, and a sandal shop. Nick demanded to buy me a pair of cheap flip flops, so I could walk easier; I agreed, knowing I was retarded for my decision.

The spot we eventually found, Mandala Night Club, was huge and had Vegas drink prices. We proceeded to make the best of it, as this was our one night out. We watched some weird swinger couple work the dance floor at first; a situation that was quite interesting. The guy sat on the side, while his girlfriend danced with every guy out there. He occasionally joined in, and it was quite the scene. Nick and I watched the place pick up bit, and eventually decided to show our moves. We worked that dance floor like no other, creating attention to us for standing out. It was pretty funny.

After two drinks, some pre-night shots, and a tequila shot, we were done! We walked all the way home, at about 1 am in the morning. The streets were still semi safe, however, we were stopped by a strip club owner, and a crazy guy that was yelling us for a while.

At the hotel, I was a little too drunk, and started my drunken emotional crying (which only comes out when I've had too much to drink). I think it was the Tequila that put me over the edge; be careful with that shit! Nick was patient with me, as he was used to this by now; something that I'm not proud of. We talked for a while, and he talked me down. From that moment on, I knew I needed to watch my alcohol if we were gonna make it through this trip.

Despite the craziness, the fighting, and the crying, we still had a great night. It's funny how some of the road blocks you experience, make things a little more interesting.