Day 39 to 42 - Puerto Escondido Here We Come

Day 39 to 42 - Puerto Escondido Here We Come

The start of our anticipated trip to Puerto Escondido!

Friday, April 8, 2016

We woke up early on our long anticipated traveling day, to find out that we had a free breakfast waiting for us at our hotel. From there, we started walking 6 blocks down the street; C-Boo had a huge smile on here face, as she was finally rolling, and not dragging, her new luggage bag. We strolled up to an almost empty small van leaving, asking if we were headed for "Puerto Escondido". I gave the driver a thumbs up, threw our luggage in the back, and set off to what we hoped would be a great place to stay; at least longer than a week or two. The van ride was extremely long, but was filled with exciting new terrain throughout the entire trip. We clocked the ride at 6 1/2 hours, as the driver took a little bit longer than expected due to multiple stops; we were much happier anyways, because of the bathroom breaks, lunch, and the occasional candy for C-Boo/ cold beers for me : )... Once we arrived in Puerto, we paid the driver $12, jumped into a taxi for $1, and arrived at our Air BnB spote (Casa Marymas).

We were happily greeted by our soon-to-be friend, Angie; a nice, down to earth, Italian mom in her 30's. She was very kind/hospitable, and as happy as ever to help us out. She gave us a tour of her lovely home, and showed us our room (which had a/c and a nice deck with a view of the coastline). We spent the whole afternoon talking about the town, her lifestyle in Puerto Escondido, and tips/tricks on getting by there. W also learned that Angie was a surfer, a Spanish teacher, and a property manager for homes around the area. We were so thankful for her time and energy, and her willingness to help us out. We had already learned a considerable amount on our first day in Puerto Escondido.

During our 4 day stay at Angie's place, we really wanted to take full advantage of the area; we yearned to see the culture, beach life, and cost of living around the area. Our second day in Puerto was filled with many adventures/highlights; we decided that we wanted to take a walk across the whole town, and stop at selective stops along the way. La Punta, which was on the very southern tip of Puerto Escondido, would be our destination. It was about a 6 mile adventure through streets, beaches, and a fishing harbor.

We started our walk down to a cove called Playa Carrizalillo; this beach was beautiful all in itself. It was lined with beach cabanas, and was great for snorkeling. C-Boo loved it, because it was a great place to swim around and relax. It was very reminiscent of what we would assume Thailand would be like.

We had seen enough of Carrizalillo, so C-Boo and I jetted up the 200 sets of stairs that led back into the town, and walked to another inlet called Puerto Angelito. This cove was a little easier to access, and had many locals playing in the calm water. We took a couple pictures, and realized that it wasn't worth stopping at for long, so we kept going towards the next cove. After much walking, we soon found a cove called Manzanillo, which contained a stone walkway that connected to the next beach; Angie had spoken about this the day before, so we knew we were going the right direction.

After walking across the long stone path, we eventually hit the main section of Puerto Escondido. Zicatela (or people of the clouds), which is also referred to as "The Mexican Pipeline", is known for its huge powerful swells and perfect sandbars. As we walked the downtown strip, there were little to no tourists nearby (well, maybe there were a couple of Canadians). we did notice that there were many restaurants, surf shops, and souvenir stores along the way.

We stopped at a local restaurant nearby and decided to relax; we had lunch paired with a Margarita and a Screwdriver, while watching the small amount of people pass by. We were tired, but knew we were only half way to La Punta, so we filled our waters up and took off; this time walking on the beach the whole way there.

Eventually we arrived to the small hippie community, that reminded me of some of the towns in Costa Rica. The beach is also known for its left hand point break, and has many beginners spread along the rocky point. Becoming hot and tired, we took a taxi back to Angie's; when we arrived, she was just about to leave, and pick her daughter. She told us to jump in, so she could show us some of the houses for rent on the market.

Angie drove us to the central coast region of Puerto Escondido, and said she had an offer we couldn't resist. She introduced us to Casa Mocha, a nice collection of condominiums located just minutes from the beach. They had a pool, restaurant, and a bar; all of them were ran by an awesome guy named Luis. He had tenants split on 3 months of paid rent, in a room called "Las Estrellas" (the stars); it was half the price each month, because of the situation.

After our introduction to the room, the response was a "hell yeah!" It was four stories up, overlooked the whole coast, and was topped with a palapa for observing the sunset. Breakfast, cleaning, laundry, and a/c were added bonuses; C-Boo and I were totally stunned at our luck in finding this place. We were also ecstatic of the availability, appreciative of Angie/Luis, and happy to find a place for longer than a week. That night, Me and C-Boo talked it over in more detail: rent, location, prices, and safety. We came to the conclusion that we were happy to find a place to be landlocked for a while, and finally settle down.

The lease was going to start the following week (on April 15th), so we had quite a few days to blow before our big anticipated move. We traveled around more of the town for a couple of days; partying with Angie, checking out the scene, meeting mew people, working, and relaxing. It was an amazing time for both of us, as we got to know the area, and familiarized with the new town, in which we were about to live.

Our reservation at Angie's was coming to an end, so we decided to check out more of the Oaxaca region. We went back online to find new places to stay, and decided to travel by bus down to Huatulco; hitting small surfing towns along the way. Next on the plate, was Mazunte, Zipolite, and Puerto Angel.