Day 38 - Soaking Up the Culture in Oaxaca

Day 38 - Soaking Up the Culture in Oaxaca

When everything started making sense.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

On the morning of our flight to Mexico, we were groggy but totally stoked. The connecting flights on the way there were pretty awesome actually, as Nick and I celebrated with complementary Tequila drinks. We took a new airline this time, Interjet, and it was our favorite by far. It was time to get back into the Mexican lifestyle.

When we arrived in Mexico City to connect to our second flight, we were subjected to more Mexico customs. This time, all of our shit was searched through, and most of our food got confiscated. Nick also got written up for having hard boiled eggs in his suitcase, and we learned that they were the most dangerous things you could bring into the country. Who would've thought? But we both had a good buzz going at this point, so we were totally cool with whatever they threw at us.

The best part about arriving back into Mex, was the food. It was everywhere, and it was freaking cheap!! We were so excited to finally eat meals again, and celebrated every part of it. We couldn't get over the fact that a huge salad only costed $3. This alone, made us certain that we had made the right decision on where to go. It's amazing how much our mood changed, once we were nourished properly.

After arriving in Oaxaca, it quickly became our favorite "city", by far; It was such a beautiful area, and the people were very friendly. As you walked down the streets, no one tried to sell you anything, like they did in the tourist areas. The people were humble, and kept to themselves. The parks were filled with families, and the streets were very clean. It kind of felt like a place stolen from Europe, as all of the buildings were unique and classic looking. Nick and I roamed the streets for a while, and soaked up the culture. We gorged ourselves on more food, and kept getting excited over the thought of it all. It made me feel at peace just being there, and I had this gut intuition that this region was what we were looking for.

We also FINALLY bought me new luggage at a place called Coppel, because my "dead body" bag was not cutting it anymore. I couldn't even stand the thought of schlepping that thing around for another second. The new one that I bought for $40 was totally sweet, and I think it made Nick a little jealous. But still, it was time to prepare for our next journey, as we would have no car again, and would have to rely on taxis/buses. Mobility is crucial at this stage of traveling; I had learned this from earlier our journey in Mexico.

That night at our hotel, I presented Nick with some options on how to get to the coast from Oaxaca. The main issue, was that the beach was not easy to get to; there is a huge mountain range that blocks the pathway there. The cheapest and fastest method, was to take a $6 van, and trudge through the center of it. The only downside, was that it would take 6 hours to get across, and they warned that people always get car sick. Supposedly the drivers went fast, and never stopped along the way, but we were willing to try it out anyways; we were tough.

After our convo about the next day, and when Nick had passed out, I sat in bed thinking about how happy I was to be there. It was the first place that I had felt that in a long time. I couldn't really sleep that night, because the excitement was just to unbearable. This was uncharted territory for both of us, as neither had ever been to this part of the country before (Well, actually that's not true. I had been to Huatulco when I was about 12, but Club Med doesn't really count, because you never leave the premises). Despite our lack of familiarity, I felt safe and at ease for some reason. "We are in good hands", I thought to myself; something about heading to Puerto Escondido felt right. Occasionally I would look over at Nick, while he was sleeping, and I thought about how far we'd come together, and how close we had become. It was a nice feeling to have, and it allowed me to relax a bit.