Day 35 to 37 - Deciding to Leave Costa

Day 35 to 37 - Deciding to Leave Costa

The straw that broke the camel's back.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The events that occurred over a one day period, plus the mounting information that we had acquired, is what led us to the conclusion of leaving Costa Rica. We hadn't found a spot yet, and we were growing weary of the country. Our only hope, was to meet with a company that had offered me a position at their web design company. We thought that if we liked what she had to say, and the job looked great, then we would try hard to find a place. If not, then we had some thinking to do, about where to go next.

Nick and I woke up early in the morning, to jet over to Liberia for an interview; I had been contacting a company, Unidad22, for over 5 months, and this was the day that I would finally meet them. Our drive was not too bad, but once we were in the city, all hell broke loose. We forgot to charge our iPad, and it had the directions to the office on it. As we were driving around, the battery died and we had no way to find the place. Then we tried to use the GPS, but it was such a piece of shit, that it barely found anything. So our next idea, was to find a place with WiFi, and charge the iPad again. We drove around, for what seemed like forever; dodging cars left and right, as the streets had not lights or stop signs. We started to panic, as we had one close call after another. The drivers did not care about anything, and some of the streets decided to become one way all of a sudden. It was CHAOS!!

Nick finally had enough, and decided to pull into McDonalds, our least favorite place in the world. We needed to eat too, because we were starting to snap at each other, from lack of food and stress. We were supposed to meet a girl from the company in 10 minutes, so I was starting to freak. As Nick ordered some really gross looking breakfast, I charged the pad, and tried to write the directions down. None of this made any difference; because the streets had no signs or names. We spent another 45 minutes driving around, looking for the damn office. Needless to say, I was going to be very late for my meeting. We finally threw in the towel, and had to go back to McDonalds, again, to charge the iPad and email the girl to let her know where we were. We were so over Liberia at this point, I was prepared to tell her to fuck off, but we'd gone too far. Instead, I told her to meet us at our hotel, and we could talk at the restaurant there.

We arrived at our hotel, which was in the middle of the city; it soon became our bunker, that protected us from the outside world. Hotel Liberia was actually quite nice, with had a pretty patio area, and a nice restaurant; we were stoked to be in solitude, at such a crazy place. While we were waiting for the girl to arrive, Nick and I talked about our plans. We had spent an ungodly amount of money in Costa Rica, and had not liked any of it enough to stay. We went over places online, and I frantically looked at plane tickets. We were really interested in going back to Mexico, because of the vibe, and the prices; I was somehow drawn to Puerto Escondido, but knew nothing about it. As I was researching, the chick from the office finally showed up, and I put our plans on hold. Was she going to have an offer that I couldn't refuse?

After talking with her for almost an hour, I found out that it was exactly the opposite. She was a really nice person, but the wages/hours were ridiculous, and I would've had to work in Liberia. She also told me how hard it was for her to live there after 20 years, and how she still had to do border runs. She also told me about buying houses, and how the mortgages were impossible to get. By the end of the meeting, I was done; it was time to get the heck out of there. I relayed what I heard to Nick, and he was over it too, so I spontaneously bought our tickets to Mexico. We were both filled with nerves and excitement, but we cheersed to leaving and booked our rooms back in Alajuela; it was time to revisit our friends at Cortez Azul.

We stayed in Alajuela for two nights, and got ready for our next trip: returning our car in early, returning our GPS, and taping up our luggage that had gotten destroyed from traveling. It was a lot better being there the second time, because we knew we were leaving. On the night before our flight, we bought our last bottle of Guaro, and said goodbye to Costa Rica. It was such an exciting thing, to know that we would back in the land of cheap everything again.

I have to say: Costa Rica had it's ups and downs, as did Nick and I. However, we really stuck together through some difficult shit, and made it through. I think that the experience was good for us, because it was a time for a lot of self-analyzing, and it helped us figure out what we wanted. I'm lucky to have a husband that is aligned with me, in what we are looking for. There were times when I doubted if we were going to agree on anything, but we eventually did. I don't know why we were so excited to leave the place that everyone loves; it made me question myself a few times. Yet, I know we made the right decision, and I don't think that I'll be back anytime soon. Sorry Costa lovers, I'm just not that into it.