Day 32 to 33 - Cruising up the coast to Nosara

Day 32 to 33 - Cruising up the coast to Nosara

Checking out the Northern side.

Friday, April 1, 2016

The trek back from Pavones wasn't too bad, because we talked most of the way up, about what places we liked, and if there were any that we'd want to live in. Nick got me thinking about life in that little village, because it was exactly what he was looking for; I tried hard to see myself living there, but it was difficult. Like the other places we'd been too, it was crazy hot and expensive, and there was nothing around for hours. We'd totally have to change up our lifestyle, and become jungle monks that didn't eat. Because of this, I kept having visions of when we were in Mexico, as it was so cheap, and everything was easy. It was a hard place to start, and made the rest of the places we visited, less economically desirable. Still, I was excited to see the Northern side of Costa Rica, and was ready to explore more.

The only crazy experience that we had coming back, was that it started raining like crazy, and the GPS took us on another route that we did not recognize; I looked at the map, and we were headed towards Panama! Nick started to panic, and we realized that it was too late to turn around. Luckily, the road only hugged the border, and we were not going across. Yet, when we drove parallel to Panama, the only thing that was dividing us was a little street; you could literally just walk across it. Then we noticed a military chick on the back of a motorcycle, who was carrying an oozie. It was a pretty gnarly scene, and the town was run down and pretty sketch. We got the hell out of there as soon as possible.

We drove for most of the day, and decided to bypass Jaco, because we had a friend living in Nosara. Besides, everything we had heard about it was negative, and we were on a budget to only see places that we wanted to live in. So we only stopped there for some money, and another bottle of Guaro. Jaco was just as it was described, by everyone we met: dry, dirty, and busy. I knew we made the right decision!

After a long drive up the coast, we finally made it to Nosara at about 8pm, and had no place to stay; we were totally winging this part of the trip by now. The roads were dark, and we had no clue where to go, so we spent a shit ton of time driving in circles. Before we started to tear each other's hair out, Nick finally spotted a little place that had cabinas. As we pulled up, I was doubtful; it looked like a slummy local biker bar, and the cabins seemed non existent. Nick ran inside anyways, and eventually came out with a random guy. He led us to our place nestled in the dark, and we were relieved to just be somewhere. However, the rooms turned out to be the best we'd had so far in Costa Rica; they were gigantic, with 3 beds, a kitchen, a fridge, and had AC. We had scored for only $40 a night.

Once settled, we got dressed up, pounded the rest of our Guaro, and went dancing at the hotel bar. For most of the night, we sat and watched the locals dance it up, because we were way too hot, and looked kind of stupid on the dance floor. Everyone looked like professionals, know all of the crazy dance moves. It was the first time we'd been out though, so I was stoked no matter what we did; all in all, it was a fun time.

The next day, we explored Nosara with our friend/guide, Tina. She had lived there for a few years, and knew the area really well. We roamed the beautiful beaches, and explored the little expat town that was there. I really liked it, but there were not that many places to live, and it was the priciest place yet. There were two areas of housing: one was the town of Nosara, where the locals lived because it was cheap, and the other was Playa Guiones, which was where the rich expats lived. The vibe was cool though, and it seemed pretty safe, as families roamed the streets with their dogs, and kids road their bicycles everywhere. There also were tons of surf shops, atv rentals, and food places for any taste. Thus far, it had been my favorite town in Costa Rica.

That night we kept it mellow: we watched the sunset on the beach, and went over our plans for the morning. We came to the conclusion that Nosara was ok, but we weren't exactly thrilled with everything about it. What was new right? So, I was hoping to get out of there early, and go see Tamarindo. It was our last stop on the Costa Rica map, and I wanted to give it enough time to go over. Plus, we were running out of money, and it was impossible to take money out in Nosara's ATMs. In light of this, Nick had agreed that he would go surfing early, and we could be on our way. However, that's not exactly what happened.

In the morning, Tina offered for us to go on a boat to surf this incredible wave, 15 minutes south of there. I wasn't really wanting to go, because I knew it would take a long chunk out of our day, and I don't surf. What the hell was I going to do on the boat, while they were out in the water? But Nick changed his mind, from the plan that we had talked about, and wanted to go. This definitely caused some problems; I knew we were supposed to be enjoying the journey and having fun, but this wasn't really the time to pull a surf trip. Regardless of our plans, the end result was: Nick dropping me off atPlaya Guiones for 4 hours, while they took off to surf. And if you've ever been there, there isn't much to do. So, I spent the whole morning waiting for them to come back, with nothing on me, but $20. I walked the beach area and the town for about two hours, then had to keep myself busy, as I waited for them to come back. I tried to be patient, but it turned out to be a frustrating day.

When Nick finally arrived, I was so over-whelmed for some reason; I pulled the silent treatment in the car, for most of the way out of town. I eventually broke down, after some questioning from Nick, and started crying in the car. I was so stressed out from traveling, and being alone all morning in a foreign town, that it was starting to get to me. After lots of analyzing, we realized the root of the matter: I wanted to find someplace to finally call home. Traveling was not as easy as I once thought it would be, especially when you have your whole life with you. I know this may sound like its all over the place, but that how I was that day. We eventually worked things out, and concluded that we needed to work together more on settling down.