Day 28 to 29 - Hot and Dirty Dominical

Day 28 to 29 - Hot and Dirty Dominical

The land of expensive nothing.

Monday, March 28, 2016

I hate doing another blog, where I bitch about the surroundings, but Dominical is definitely a place that we did not fully enjoy. So be prepared for some more...haha. I'm also going to give you a heads up on our lack of images, and how shitty our pictures turned out from this place. It was so damn hot and miserable there, I think my brain melted.

We found a Hostel, that was recommended to us by a local surfer, and was pretty close to the sand. When we arrived, the kid that ran the place told us that it was $35, and showed us to our room. When he opened the door, we were greeted with an intense smell of urine coming from the bathroom, and a dark ominous closet of a room. I don't know why I went along with it, but it was the cheapest place in town, and I wanted to save money. There was no AC, which is very standard in Costa Rica, but there was a little fan that made it halfway tolerable. We also realized that sex was totally out of the question in this room, as nothing about it was a turn on. However, the hostel happened to have a pretty cool bar, so I assumed that we'd spend more time in there than our shitty room.

Nick had been wanting to visit the town, that he'd heard so much about, and supposedly had surf. We roamed the town and beach area, in search of something to grab onto our souls; what we got was dirty sand, hot ocean water, no surf, and expensive everything. It was so hot, that you could barely move; I don't know how people did it. I felt like I sweat out my body's entire water reserve, it just never stopped, and there was no escape. Our meals were always split too, as most of everything costed a fortune; this set the agitated tone of Nick's and my attitude, while being there.

Despite all of that, there were some good characteristics of Dominical. The people were mellow, and mostly young expats, so you felt like you were at home. There were a lot of women roaming the streets and running businesses; it made everything feel safe. Everyone looked like they loved it there, so it made you want to love it too. There were also parts of the beach that were very beautiful, and the town contained plenty of activities to do at night.

When we woke up the second day, we contemplated getting the heck out of there, and heading down to Pavones. However, we had work to do online, and it kept us using the wifi at the hostel bar. Reluctantly, we decided to stay another night, but I protested our shit box of a room. Luckily, we scored a deal with a place down the way, for just $5 extra, that had a nice clean room and AC! I didn't even want to leave the room, it felt so nice.

That night we grabbed a little bottle of Guaro, and went for a "Taco Tuesday" especial at an outdoor place close by. We were so excited, because we hadn't had any tacos since Mexico, and were totally jonsing. After ordering some food, we went to sit down, and Nick immediately started freaking out. He was grabbing his foot, cursing, and brushing something off; I'd never seen him so upset. I asked him if something bit him, but I guess he had stepped on a rock that was covered in microscopic fire ants. His face turned pail, and he was sweating like crazy; eventually he got them all off, and grabbed the Guaro to kill the pain. Needles to say, we changed spots, and kept our feet off the ground. Once we slammed down the mediocre tacos, we headed back to the hotel, and passed out.

Sadly, our time in Dominical really made us start doubt Costa Rica. With the pace that we were spending money, it didn't seem like we were going to make it very far. I was hoping that the other towns would be better, and prayed that Nick and I would eventually agree on a place we liked, before going broke.

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