Day 27 - Uvita Bound

Day 27 - Uvita Bound

Goodbye city; welcome to the jungle.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Nick and I woke up on Easter Sunday, amping to finally get out of the city. We'd been there for 5 days now, and had not seen any form of nature/life. I couldn't wait to see the lush green jungles that I'd heard so much about; not to mention some animals too.

Our rental car company, National, sent shuttle to pick us up early. When we got to their office, we ran into some issues with our lack of credit card; I never thought I'd be punished for not having a shitty piece of plastic. We had already booked the absolute cheapest/smallest car available, which still costed $800 for 15 days (about $53 a day). Most of that was insurance, as Costa Rica requires an insane amount of coverage! So when they told us that we needed to spend another $180 on additional insurance, and put a deposit of $400 on the car because of our issue, we were pissed. But what else can you do in a situation like that; reject the car? Reluctantly, we sucked it up (because we just wanted to get the hell of of there), paid the counter, and proceeded to grab our miniature Suzuki Celerio, that was smaller than Nick's "clown car" back home. This turn of events made us a little bitchy with each other, causing more fighting.

Once we were on our way, Nick had to rely on me for directions, as I was the navigator in a country that I'd never been too. I had a very confusing map with a million different roads on it, and no names. Plus, I had a navigation device that we bought at Walmart, which I'd never used before. Nick needed a route from me, and I tried my best to make it happen; punching all kinds of bullshit into the gps, and getting nowhere. It was taking us all over the place, and we ended up in some sketchy little neighborhood in San Jose. I told Nick to pull over so we could regroup, and we finally figured it out; after 30 minutes of driving chaos, we were en-route to Uvita!

We were so annoyed with our morning, that we picked up a bottle of Costa Rican "Guaro" for our trip. It's pretty much like vodka, without the weird hangover; I hate using alcohol as a tool for relaxation, but this was crucial. We also took deep breaths, and vowed to lighten up and enjoy ourselves. The countryside was awesome, but packed with cars. It was Easter, so everyone and their mom were either going to church, or heading home from a long weekend. We had fun with it though; playing good music and taking lots of pictures. After about a 4 hour drive, we finally made it to our destination.

The place we stayed at was called "The Green Forest", and seemed to be ran by what I called the "Israeli Alliance". They were a group of guys from Israel, all very different in their own way, but all tied together in some form of business. The hotel was located in the middle of a jungly area, and had tiny little rooms scattered about the grounds. It was a fun little spot, and super hippied out; having signs all over the place saying things like "Plant seed, and sing song". It was a super random spot, but Nick and I enjoyed our time there: roaming the area, talking with the Israelis, and drinking "Guaro". You could say it was a different kind of Easter.

The next day we decided to explore Uvita, and tried to visit their beach; there's not much to the town at all, and the beach costed $16 dollars to see it. It was a total rip-off! They did, however, have a waterfall that we wanted to swim in, because we were dying from the heat. So we came up with a plan to check out Dominical first, which was only 15 minutes south, to see if we could stay there for the night. If we liked it, we'd head back, grab our things, jump in the waterfall, and head back towards Dominical to stay the night. It was a lot of driving, but we wanted to make sure we had a place to stay.

Once in Dominical, Nick definitely liked the vibe better; there was a bit more to see, and we scored a cheap hostel. We then decided to tell the guys, back at the hotel, that we were checking out. I was totally dying of heat exhaustion and starving for some food, so we ate a little restaurant in town, before we went back to grab our things. The food was semi-decent, but insanely expensive. However, we enjoyed our meal, and left for the Green Forest again.

As we were arriving back to the hotel, I soon realized that I had left my purse at the restaurant; luckily It had no money in it, but did have our expensive new camera. I immediately started freaking out, and begged Nick to haul ass back over there, before someone stole it. I couldn't even talk, I was so pissed at myself for being forgetful; I thought that I could never live this one down. Nick was extremely calm, as always, but I knew he was pretty nervous inside. Luckily, we were stoked to find out that the waiter had put it behind the counter, and I could finally breathe again.

Once again we headed back for Uvita, and eventually found the long awaited waterfall. I couldn't wait to jump in, because I needed to refresh myself after all of the stress we had. The place was super lush with nature, and had huge vines coming down everywhere. The waterfall was amazing too, and felt great to finally get in. It had a large slide at the top that was shaved out of the rock, and Nick was more than happy to try it out. We were at our first moment of zen, and I didn't want to leave. We also had our first, and only, monkey siting there; they were sleeping in the trees, dangling their tails off the branches. We eventually left the hidden paradise, and I started to feel a lot more stoked on Costa Rica.