Day 20 - Adventures in Cozumel

Day 20 - Adventures in Cozumel

Off to the Island for a solid day of fun and excitement.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

We packed up or backpacks, luggage, and food from Playa del Carmen, and headed out to the exclusive island of Cozumel. The cheapest ferry ride was from a company called Barcos Caribe, and costed $15 each for round trip tickets. It was of course a hot day, semi muggy out in the ocean, and you couldn't really see the island from afar. The ferry ride took about 20 minutes, while talking to a Finland couple looking for any type of room/hostel they could find on the island. We recommended our place, Hostelito Cozumel, which was 1 block from the dock off the ferry. The ferry was smooth and easy, looking off into the ocean seeing many whales and birds.

Jumping off the ferry, we rapidly claimed our luggage and headed off to our hostel with our new friends from Finland. After settling in and knowing we only had so long to travel, because of our time and budget, we found a cheap scooter to rent ($18), to get around the island. For the rest of the day, we headed off to scooter around and explore. We finally got out of the main strip of Cozumel, and were happy to see a coastline empty of people and crowds; smiling, laughing, and cruising with the wind down the southern coast of the island. The scooter took us to a small snorkeling restaurant called Playa Corona/Corona Beach Club, about 5-10 miles outside of town, where we split 4 amazing chicken tacos and a strong margarita on the rocks. It was expensive, and took all of our money, but we figured it was maybe the only time we would be on the island ever again, renting a scooter.

We loved the atmosphere and the weather, but were sad to realize there were no sandy white beaches; more importantly, there was random amounts of trash spread across the coast. It was almost unbearable to look at. We came/conquered the island in joy and fulfillment, but knew it wasn't a permanent place for us. We finally ventured off to the southern tip of the coast, where we were hit by "Gayle Force" winds, and a very rocky coast that provided no snorkeling. There was a Bob Marley Bar that we stopped at for some good tunes, but declined on drinks because of prices, and our lunch earlier. Seeing a couple tranquil places to snorkel on our path prior, we decided to backtrack. We pulled off the road, after 20 minutes to find a quit, nice, reefy, yet still trashy beach, and snorkel for 5 minutes. It was very shallow with little fish, and we also noticed raindrops/heavy winds coming in.

We quickly packed everything up, looked from afar at the town of Cozumel, and notice thunderstorms with lightning. We were soon in for the gnarliest part of our adventures yet. Racing back to town, we soon got hit by water pellets hitting our face, chest, and arms; they felt like bee stings, because we had no protection nor clothing. Once in town, the rain was so bad you could barely see across the road. The streets soon became rivers, stopping at each light, we noticed there was water halfway up our scooter wheel, and our feet disappeared in the water flowing through. We soon saw people either loving it, or hating the fact they were caught in a storm. We had no idea what to do, but laugh at the situation we were handed; we had no money left for gas, no idea where a gas station even was, and somehow had to remember where the scooter rental was. Long story short, we got back to our hostel to get money while it was still pouring, found a gas station; C-boo then used her "sixth sense of intuition" to find our rental spot. After we had the guy inspect our bike for damages, we went running back to our hostel. We were drenched in water from head-to-toe, only looking for a way out of the chaos, and maybe a shower? We got back, laughed it off, and were ready for a dinner with our newly found friends from Finland: Nicke and Kata.

The rain subsided eventually, we walked into town, and found a funny looking place called "Machete". We all ordered something different, which sounded great at the time; fajitas, burritos, and of course the C-boo salad. We loved our meals, drinks, and tried different portions of everyone's plate. The day was crazy, yet still fun; the evening was relaxing and fun, as well. We spoke to Nicke and Kata for hours about everything, from Europe to America, and anything in the middle. It was great to finally meet some fun people, and understand the lifestyle of a couple from the other side of the world. We finally went to sleep; content on the day's activities, and were ready for the next adventure to Hel-ha!