Day 2 and 3 - Discovering Puerta Vallarta

Day 2 and 3 - Discovering Puerta Vallarta

Searching through the in and outs of Puerto Vallarta

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Over the next two days, Nick and I had decided to walk the streets of PV, to see what it was about. It involved about 3 miles of walking each day, a shit ton of sun, and lots of traffic.

The first day we ate breakfast at the hotel; totally amazing and filling. I think it costed us 120 pesos (about $6.7), which was definitely worth it. After that, we walked south of our hotel, and decided to check the cruise ship doc; a Carnival ship had just arrived. Having never been on one, these things totally amaze us; they're like a big city on water. The massive size, alone, is astounding. It was also fun to watch the tourists who were stumbling off the boat; yelling at taxis, being super hammered. Way too funny.

It was so frikin hot, and we were pretty far from our place. So, we thought it would be fun to walk into a nice hotel, and use their pool. We eventually chose Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, with an amazing infinity pool; walking in like we owned place, in order not to be called out. It was awesome! I was a little nervous, because there were guys with walky talkies scattered everywhere, looking our way. I wasn't sure what they'd do, in Mexico, if you're caught trespassing. Just as was thinking that, a guy came up to us and called us out. We made up some name that we were visiting, and he said we needed a bracelet to be there. So we casually dried off, and walked out the front. The gal at the front desk said it would cost us $100 to swim there for the day; we thought "fuck that"! I joked with Nick that we were wanted fugitives, because every hotel after that would not let us even enter the front door.

The second day, we decided to head north, and check out the beaches. This time we took a bus to the downtown area, and they are plentiful in PV; only costing 7.5 pesos (about $0.50). That experience was rather odd, as I tried to give the driver money, and he wouldn't even look at me. We thought you just took care of it at the end, however, we found out later that it's customary for the man to pay. He must have thought I was crazy.

Once downtown, we walked further north on a long trek, which soon became my favorite part of PV trip. At first, we ran into a stretch of hotels and condos, all over ran by the overly dark American tourists. I mean, they are everywhere; drinking cocktails/eating oysters, flopping out on their lounge chairs under cabanas. It was crazy!

Next, we ran into a stretch of gay resorts bumping techno; lots of men in speedos frolicking on the sand. It was so cute to watch...I thought about my sister Angella. She would've loved to sit and talk with some of these guys, as they looked like they were fun.

Finally, we ventured over some rocky terrain towards the exclusive housing. This spot was insane; totally baller houses that had private views, and beaches. Nick and I pretended what it was like to live that life, as we hung on the secluded beaches drinking beer. The stretch kept going on and on, eventually getting to rocky for us to go forward.

We then headed back home, and we were both dead tired; I couldn't wait to get back to our room. On the way back, we found the best taco stand on the whole trip thus far. It was cheap ($6 for both of us to eat), and served any kind of taco imaginable. This eventually became our go-to spot for almost every meal.

All in all, our venture through PV was fun, but we concluded that we would never want to live there. We had our fill, at this point, of walking around; it was time to relax again, and also do some work online.