Day 19 - Playa del Carmen

Day 19 - Playa del Carmen

Re-discovering a new town.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

The next portion of our trip was about to be the most chaotic by far, as we were visiting 3 different towns in 3 days; one of which was on an island. I had been to Playa del Carmen before, when I was about 12; sadly to say that was 21 years ago! Jesus where does the time go? All I remember is that it was on a dirt road, with a few small timeshares lining the beach, and there were villagers playing basketball in woven baskets. In my mind, we were going back to that special memory again.

We boarded our ADO bus again, this time having a remaining bottle of vodka in hand. Nick and I got plowed, while people were sleeping all around us. It was probably the funniest bus ride I'd had the whole trip; I guess alcohol can do that. We made fun of some shitty movie that was playing on the screens, tried our snorkel gear on,and laughed so hard we started crying. I told Nick we had to keep it together, as we had no idea where the heck we were going. We were getting a little too drunk to be traveling through a new town.

We eventually started to enter the "city", and I was astonished at how much things had changed. There were buildings everywhere, and the roads were all modern. As were were dropped off, we were bombarded by taxi drivers, and parades of people in the streets. We hopped in the first taxi we saw, and again we were ripped off; the guy charged us 150 pesos, and it should have costed 30.

Another note: Do not take taxis from airports, bus terminals, or any other commercial transportation drop off. They are way more expensive than normal ones! Even though this fact was thrown at us everywhere we went, we still forgot, and we still got scammed. You'd think we would've learned after the first 10 times, but that hasn't been the case.

We finally arrived at our destination, Apart Hotel Casaejido, and immediately fell in love. The inside courtyard was beautiful, and the girls were very helpful. Across the street, was the pool and kitchen. It was the most beautiful setting. We roamed the yard, shooting pictures of everything, as we wanted to capture it's zen-like presence. You would never have thought such a place existed, in the neighborhood that we were in.

The hotel informed us that our room was not ready yet, so Nick and I ventured off to see the surrounding area. We quickly realized that walls were graced with art, and the schools were filled with music. Despite it's first appearance, the neighborhood was actually very eclectic. We found a taco stand in the middle on nowhere, and ate the most amazing food. The place was so small, it didn't even have walls or a sign in front. We were also by a Walmart-like supermarket, so we grabbed some provisions, and went back to see if our habitacion was available.

Once in side our room, we noticed that they were big and very modern. They came fully equipped with a kitchen, futon, dining table, huge comfy bed, and cooking gear. It was all fine and great, until they asked for my credit card to cover incidentals. That seemed harmless enough, until I read the laundry list of charges if ANYTHING got messed up. I mean, they wanted it extremely perfect when you left; not to mention that everything was white in the room. The sheets, the comforter, and the towels were all white; each one costing 300 pesos ($18) to replace.

We didn't think much about the charging thing, until Nick and I got a little frisky. We were doing some post-coital relaxing, when I looked down at the bed and saw blood spots on the comforter; Nick's knee had a scab that opened up. I immediately freaked out, seeing dollars signs all over our hotel bill. These people were going to rake us over the coals for this shit. I started to get frustrated with Nick, even though it wasn't his fault, and frantically searched for a solution. We then researched how to get blood out of white fabric, and got ready to go to the store for supplies. Before we were about to leave, I thought it might be good to soak the stains a little, so I put some cold water on them. Little did I know, it lightened up the stain drastically. I had an electric toothbrush handy that swirled in circular motions, so I grabbed that sucker, and put it on each stain. Within minutes I got all of them out, and we celebrated our ingenuity. Needless to say, I threw the toothbrush out!

Our trip to Playa del Carmen was short, and was mostly spent inside our room. We were burnt out from Cancun, and we needed to conserve ourselves for the days ahead. I can honestly say that I would never go back, and I will always miss the special place, that it once was.