Day 12 to 19 - Our Honeymoon in Cancun

Day 12 to 19 - Our Honeymoon in Cancun

Relaxation in paradise makes everything nice.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

We decided to lump the time that we spent in Cancun together, because our days were very similar there. We spent our whole time in an amazing hotel named Casa Maya, that was a gift for our wedding (a place that normally costs about $150 a night, and only costed us $210 for 7 nights).

When we arrived, we were greeted with drinks, and a service that we were definitely not used to. They took care of everything, as we looked over the pool from an indoor bar. This was the paradise of our Mexico adventure, as we did not have to worry about a thing. There were 5 pools overlooking a white sandy beach, 3 bars, 3 restaurants, a gym, laundry service, beach cabanas, and many outdoor activities. We were totally speechless, and we're trying to get used to our sudden change of luck. Just one day prior, we had been staying in the frikin ghetto with no food in any proximity, and absolutely no sign of humanity.

Our room was not ready when we arrived, so we decided to check out the DT area, and grab some groceries for the room. We estimated that everything, at this hotel, was going to cost a fortune! The concierge informed us about the bus system, which stopped across the street, but that didn't stop us from wondering around aimlessly again. We soon found the stop, and hopped on, only paying about 7.5 pesos each ($0.50).

Once we arrived at out stop, we soon realized that the downtown was insane; people were everywhere, as it was the epicenter for spring breakers. We roamed the bar walkways, while being approached by promoters for places like Coco Bongo, The City Nightclub, and Senior Frogs; each club only costing a measly $80 to get in (ya right). We soon found an entry to the beach, and noticed the breakers in full swing. Nick took a swim in the bright blue water while I just sat and admired. My bug bites where nice and pussy by this point, so I declined to agitate them.

After we were way too hot, and ready to go enjoy our room, we went shopping for some food and managed to grab enough for a week. This meant stuffing our backpacks full of crap, carrying two bags on each arm, and hopping on the bus again. Nick told the guy to stop at our hotel since we had so much shit, but this asshole kept going. He dropped us off a million miles away, and we had to schlepp our groceries all the way back in 100 degree weather. We were cursing him the whole way.

After arriving at the hotel again, and dying/ panting from our walk, we were eventually taken to our room which had a balcony that overlooked the beach; we had struck gold. We celebrated with shots, and bounced on the beds for joy. Not to mention the many nights of great sex that followed! Oh man it was great :)

Like I said before, the next couple of days were very similar, fun, crazy, and relaxing. We played beach volleyball, laid out on the beach becoming lobsters, swam in the amazing ocean, drank our asses off, checked the party scene (which is a blog in itself), broke open coconuts, went to the gym, worked, and enjoyed our solitude. Most of the days we just enjoyed each others company, and lived life like we were at home; making food in the room, talking on the patio, and getting that alone time that we needed. We didn't want it to ever end, but like anything else, when it did we were ready to move on.