Day 10 and 11 - Back to PV, then off to Cancun

Day 10 and 11 - Back to PV, then off to Cancun

The joys of traveling.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Our plane was scheduled to leave in Puerto Vallarta at 9am on the 11th, so we thought it would be wise to book a room back in the city, in order to make it on time. I booked a pretty cheap room for about $28 a night, which wasn't too bad. This meant we had to hop on another bus though, and do the trek back again.

The new bus was a lot more comfortable, had great AC, and was not as crowded as the first, however the price was upped about 20 pesos each. I think it was a different company, but I was totally fine with that. However, it dropped us off at a different station this time, and we had no idea where the heck we were. Plus, I was stupid, and did not take a picture of the hotel's address on our iPad; this made it difficult to tell a taxi where our hotel was, because again, we had no WiFi. The only solution we came up with, was to take a taxi to the Walmart, try to get internet there, pull up the address, and go from there. But again, nothing is that easy. Instead, we had to walk over to a mall next door, and had to buy some expensive food to use their wifi. Once we were done, we caught a taxi, and finally made it to the hotel.

When we got to the Hotel & Suites Coral, we were greeted by this cute little guy, that reminded me of an Oompa Loompa. He showed us to our room, and we were totally stocked. The room was the largest we'd been in, and looked liked a little apartment. I wish we had stayed there the whole time! The only downside, was that the pool was totally murky and gross. I just laid by the side, while Nick was brave enough to dive in. That night, we celebrated leaving PV with some super sweet-ass wine, and some lovin. It was a nice way to go out!

The next day we got up at 6:30 am to take another taxi to the airport. Check-in was way faster than it was in the US, so we were pretty early. We chilled, grabbed some coffee, and went over the next chapter of our itinerary.

Our plane was another connecting flight, and we had to fly into Mexico City. Nick had never seen it before, and was totally stoked to fly over. It was pretty insane with how many people live there! So many houses trickled all over the hills and valleys. I was glad we were only there for an hour, before our next plane. The airport was freezing too; it was probably about 45 degrees, and were both wearing bathing suits. I thought to myself "Isn't this Mexico? It was too frikin cold".

Eventually we arrived in Cancun, where it was super hot and humid; a nice change from the damn airport. Our next plan was to find and take a bus called ADO (which costed about 120 pesos), take it to the downtown area of Cancun, and find another taxi for our hotel. Nothing is easy without a car. We totally got ripped off with our gringo tax, again by a taxi guy, and were were dropped of at our new hotel, The Dogtown Suites, in the ghetto. And yes, this was definitely the ghetto, as there was nothing around us but flea markets for miles. However, the accommodations we're halfway decent, and the reception desk was nice. We were just stoked that we made it there.

At the end of our journey (2 buses, 4 taxis, and 2 planes later) we were so done! I was ready for our soon to be "honeymoon" that we were about to have, at our paradise on the beach. A trip like that can test your patience, which is something that Nick and I both have, but it's still extremely daunting. We pulled together as a couple, used our heads, and breathed through it all. We also came to conclusion that we had not found our "home" yet. Nothing was hitting our hearts yet, but we knew there was a long road ahead.