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puerto escondido

zep tattoo teaser
puerto escondido

Tiempo Tattoo

July was truly an eventful month; every week / day seemed to compound more good and bad events. In the beginning the month, I caught Dengue at the Big Wave Event in Playa Zicatela, followed by both of us getting Zika during 4th of July. In the middle of this, the wife was getting her

puerto escondido

Super Late Nightlife

The nightlife in Puerto is rather mellow, compared to other places, but it’s still a lot of fun. There’s pretty much something to do every day of the week, and there’s a number of places to go to. Each restaurant has its own night scene, which may or may not have dancing or pool. Nick

san jose del pacific magic mushrooms
puerto escondido

Old Shamans and Mist in San José del Pacífico

The idea of our whole trip was started by conversing with our landlord one morning about the mystical thrills of San José del Pacífico, and the extravagant views that stretch from on one side of Oaxaca to the Pacific Ocean. Within a week of our talk, our landlord Luis said that he had business in