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Catching Up!

Man you've missed a lot!

So, it’s been a very long time since we last wrote a blog! Sorry for taking some time off, but man things have been a bit crazy from the last time we wrote, and a lot has gone down: tattoos, Zika, a wedding, and lots more. It’s a bit long, so bear with me…haha!

Let me just start by wrapping up our time in Puerto. As our lease ended at Casa Mocha, and our time in Luxury was coming to an end, Nick and I had to decide what to do next. Were we to stay in the town we had grown to know so well, or were we to venture on and find something new. A big thing to mention is that Nick got Dengue, and as I mentioned before, we both got Zika. This really put damper on things to say the least, and had some weight in our discussions on where to live.

After much deliberation, we decided that we wanted to go home early and surprise Nick’s brother Alpo. Since his birthday was in late July and we had some time to kill before then, we thought we’d check out a place called Troncones, which was located just North of Zihautanejo. Our trip there was booked only for a week, so we hoped that it would be enough time to see what it was all about. We loved Puerto and I cried when we left, but it was time to move on.

Our time spent in Zihuat/Ixtapa/Troncones was the best that we had experienced throughout our whole trip! The place was ridiculously beautiful, and the people were amazing. In one week we were taken to an electronic show, a death metal show, a bikers convention, stayed in a place with an infinity pool, and met some bad-ass people. While we were cruising around towards the end of our trip, I looked at Nick and said “Holy shit, I think this is it”. Nick immediately agreed. It was definitely something to think about…

But alas our trip was short, and we were about to go back to Cali to surprise the shit out of everyone! No one knew we were coming accept for my dad and my stepmom Kev, as they were picking us up from LAX. After much planning, we pulled our secret off masterfully; my mom didn’t expect a thing when we just showed up randomly, along with Nick’s entire family at his brother’s birthday….it was beautiful…lol.

Over the next couple of months back home, we were hit with both fun and difficult situations; our lives were thrown into a whirlwind of crazy from the word go. Right off the bat, poor Kev got struck with West Nile virus and meningitis, out of all fucking things, and went into a coma. So, Nick and I rushed to Vegas for a week to watch her dogs while she was in the hospital. It was so terrifying being away, when you think you’ll never see someone again. We prayed every night for her recovery, and wondered how the heck something like this could happen right after we got back??

After our relief had come in Vegas, we drove to HB to stay with Kev while she was in rehab at the hospital. It was the hardest thing I had ever gone through, watching this poor woman trying to regain all of her functioning again; I was a total mess. It definitely shook our whole family, going through something that gnarly, and it changed our lives permanently.

After we were certain that she was getting better, we were off to watching one house after the next back home; we must have moved about 8 times, living on all of our family’s couches. To say the least, it was totally hard. However, we did get a lot of time in with family/friends and it was a great way to catch up. We’d been gone for 5 months, so there was a lot to go over.

Side story: I’m going to be completely honest about Nick and during all of this time; we were having major difficulties as a couple, and everything seemed to be falling out of place with us. We fought more than ever, we were distant, we had no bonding time, and I was basically falling apart from it. When you spend almost three months in other people’s houses as a newly married couple, it’s fucking hard! We had gone from a tight/secure little unit where we shared and did everything together, to disoriented blur. Dark things were coming out on both sides of us, and it was not pretty at times. I eventually had enough, and planned a camping trip for us to regroup and get away for a bit. It sort of helped, but it was going to take a lot more than that to get us back on track.

At the end of it all, Nick’s sister Stefie was getting married, and we were both in the wedding. This meant bachelor/bachelorette parties, lots of drinking, lots of planning, lots of craziness, and lots of fun. The whole thing came flying by like a tornado, but it was totally worth all of the excitement. The wedding was amazing, and we all had a great time. It was a special moment for all of us to be together for, as we had been anticipating it forever. Stefie and her new husband Snic never looked so happy.

After the wedding, things were calm again and the storm had passed; it was time for Nick and I to figure out what the heck we were gonna do. We both knew that we were not ready to be back home, and longed for our tranquility again. It was nice being home with family once again, but man was it a challenge for us. Troncones was always on our mind, and it was the only thing that both of us could agree on for our future, so we booked our tickets and decided to go back. It was a hard decision for everyone to swallow, as no one thought we would leave again. All of our family members were as solemn as ever, but what could we do?

This was us…this was who we were and who we still are…at least for some time. We might probably end up back home some day, but for now it just isn’t in the cards. Our souls long for change, and our hearts still yearn for enlightenment. During our 5 months away, we learned more about ourselves than we ever thought, and we were not done. So we said our tearful goodbyes, and set off again to try our fate in the little town of Troncones.

See what happens in our next blog after we arrive back in Mex! Coming soon…

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