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A long week in Santiago

The first day that we arrived in Santiago was the longest. Actually, each following day that we were there seemed to get longer and longer; days seemed like weeks, and all of us were falling apart, pretty much at the start. We had booked a pretty decent little apartment for about a month in Santiago’s


The trek to Chile

We sat in our motel room in San Fran, the night before our journey, tired and dreary. We had said so many goodbyes and shed so many tears, we were a bit numb. Nothing was hitting us, not even the fact that we were on a plane to Chile the next day. But we hit


Here we go again!

I’m going to do a quick catch up for those of you who are wondering what’s happened to us over the past few years. Last time I wrote, we had moved back to California, and things weren’t going all that well. But…as fait would have it, we gained some amazing gifts during our time back


An Honest Look Back

Ok, so I know we have totally jumped around in our blogs, and the last time that I wrote, we were going to live in Troncones. However, life was a lot busier down there than people might have thought. All of the things that we needed to do to survive / start out in Mexico

catchup teaser with clay

Catching Up!

So, it’s been a very long time since we last wrote a blog! Sorry for taking some time off, but man things have been a bit crazy from the last time we wrote, and a lot has gone down: tattoos, Zika, a wedding, and lots more. It’s a bit long, so bear with me…haha! Let

puerto escondido

Super Late Nightlife

The nightlife in Puerto is rather mellow, compared to other places, but it’s still a lot of fun. There’s pretty much something to do every day of the week, and there’s a number of places to go to. Each restaurant has its own night scene, which may or may not have dancing or pool. Nick


Life at Casa Mocha

We were so excited to start our long awaited lease at the new pad called “Casa Mocha”, and paid for the first three months in advance. We got an amazing deal from the owner/landlord Luis, that we couldn’t pass up. For only $450 a month we could stay in his amazing houses, get a deluxe