2016 Spring Break Cancun Beach Scene

2016 Spring Break Cancun Beach Scene

The life of a drunkn party college kid.

Friday, March 18, 2016

I thought we'd report what today's youth are doing on their Spring Break Cancun these days. We both never had the money, nor did our parents, to buy all inclusive, all you can drink/eat/party spring break packages. So why not take the opportunity to check out the scene, and see if we were missing out on anything back when we were of age.

I was a bit nervous starting out, to be among all of the 18 year old, young, skinny, hot college chicas. I can't say that I'm a hideous old bag, but let's face it, I'm not a spring chicken either. Our first day on the beach scene was more mellow than I had expected, and a lot funnier too. As far as the eye could see, there were drunk'n mid-west/east coast guys puffing their chests out, poaching for chicks. They were all very cocky, and were completely obvious about everything. Then, there were wasted girls everywhere, not caring about anything, but getting drunk and getting tan. It was pretty funny! We roamed the beaches, and admired the hilarious interactions between the two sexes. I had a few mom moments, and wondered what the parents were thinking their kids were doing. I also thought to myself, "Was I like this when I was there"? Quickly, I remembered that I definitely was.

There were a few different spring break companies providing party packages, but the main one was "Student City". Nick and I infiltrated their area, and quickly got over it. I'm not sure if it was because we felt too old, or if we wanted to just observe from afar. Whatever the case, it was still amazing to see how much they were all drinking, and how much it probably costed. Everyone acted as if money was no object, buying one big plastic yard drink after another. They all had like 10 bracelets on too, for this club or that, and were amping on the nights ahead.

There were also party barges cruising the area, with college kids overflowing the decks. We used our telephoto lens to see the chaos taking place on all of them; it was a pretty nifty gadget. We saw drunk guys throwing up over the sides, while the girls stretched out, trying to look perfect. When they would dock somewhere, they'd all jump off the sides, and we were almost certain we'd see someone eat shit.

All in all, nothing shocked us; it was a funny look back at what it was like to be 18 again. However, I feel that Nick and I are still there at heart, and party in a different way than we did back then. We pretty much did the same thing they did, but we did it together, and we did it married. After seeing all of it, I had no regrets about not getting to do a spring break when I was younger. It did make me realize that we are in a new place of our lives, and that was reassuring to know. Nick and I are heading towards making our partnership tighter, and I'll take that any day over that life again.